Friday, May 13, 2005

Lou Dobbs. Evolution ain't no good.

Lou Dobbs may be a good economist, but he isn't a scientist. Wonderful that he managed to stack the deck against the one person with real scientific credentials. Have I mentioned how much I hate CNN?

This morning, in the gimme a minute segment (scroll down a couple pages), the republithug Mark Simone managed to slander Hillary (ignoring the fact that she was the only real Christian there, besides Gingrich the Newt, ManDog Santorum, the rest of them, able to forgive and move on to make the country better), say that Bolton was already in his chair at the UN (and that he wasn't tough enough, what with all the scandals at the UN. Never mind that the Oil for Food scandal ended up enriching Texas oil men), and that the president can't be bothered every time that the capitol is evacuated (never mind that it was just the second time that this has been done, and he wasn't interrupted on his trikey). Did the Democrat rebut? Did she set the record straight? No. She didn't. Must not be the format for Democrats to be uppity. Scratch the surface of an issue, present one side that slanders, another side that stutters, and top it off with a joke.

Yeah. And this is supposed to be the liberal network.

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