Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just because someone is black.

Race seems to be something that Republicans don't quite get. They accuse Democrats of playing the race card, and then attack their own (the spineless John McCain) with claims that his wife slept with a black man. They assume that they can win over black voters by bribing their churches with "faith based" programs. Then, they act appalled when Democrats object to their nomination of an unqualified (links here, here, and here) black woman to the federal bench. Why? Because, they explain, we don't want republicans to take away the black vote. Or, we are closet racists, and don't want a black person to get ahead.

This is where Democrats and Republicans differ. Democrats look at a person's qualifications. Republicans pick a political pawn who is black or Hispanic, and rely on race to get them through review. They believe their own poisonous rhetoric about Affirmative Action. You tell me who is the racist.

But don't take this Ofay's word for it, has a great article on Janice Brown's nomination. Here's a quote to get you started
Curiously, the BlackAmericaWeb reporter wrote that, “Behind closed doors, some blacks are comparing Brown to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has offended many black Americans with his conservative judicial decisions.” Behind closed doors? A huge chunk of the Congressional Black Caucus turned out to loudly oppose Janice Brown’s nomination in October, 2003, shortly before her first encounter with the Senate Judiciary Committee. "She's cut from the same cloth as Clarence Thomas," said Washington, DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Rep. Diane Watson (CA) went further, declaring Brown “has such an atrocious civil rights record she makes Clarence Thomas look like Thurgood Marshall.” Los Angeles Rep. Maxine Waters, who championed affirmative action in her state, bitterly recalled, “All the work that I did…was undermined by that judge.”

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