Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is Isikoff a stooge?

I think I smell a rat. Isikoff is one of the bunch that was thrilled to attack the Clintons (Jami at Hillary Now has the details). He as been a tool for the far right before, and seems to be one now. Now we learn that the "mainstream media" is passing over Isikoff in the blame game, and is choosing to attack Newsweek's editors, instead. I have previously linked to posts, articles and stories that mentioned that the Pentagon had the opportunity to fix any factual issues in the article before it went to press. They had no problems with the article. They had no problem with the article after it went to press. Only when unrelated riots became violent, did the administration settle on the Newseek article as a scapegoat for their poor handling of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the unconscionable support of the Uzbekistan government.

Is it a conspiracy theory to think that Rove might have asked Isikoff to pull the story after it became embarrassing to the White House? I'm not saying this is a planted story, as the Bush AWOL story was. That is to say, true but with falsified (by Rove ops) evidence. No, the evidence is that the Qu'ran desecration occurred. The only question is what government document it was verified in. So how would Rove get into this game? By casting doubt on one factor of the abuse issue, he hopes to make the people (at least in this nation) doubt that any abuse occurred. If Isikoff told his editors (at Rove's prompting) that he thought the story should be retracted, the editors may have given in. It is certainly within the standard book of tricks for Rove and those he has trained.

Stranger at Blah3 calls for the press to stand up for itself. I couldn't agree more.

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