Thursday, May 26, 2005

Have I mentioned the 1st ammendment lately?

If you ever needed to know how an activist judge thinks, this story comes from Echidne, with the original story here,
An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge's unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."

The parents practice Wicca, a contemporary pagan religion that emphasizes a balance in nature and reverence for the earth.

Why would the judge do this?

The parents' Wiccan beliefs came to Bradford's attention in a confidential report prepared by the Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau, which provides recommendations to the court on child custody and visitation rights. Jones' son attends a local Catholic school.

"There is a discrepancy between Ms. Jones and Mr. Jones' lifestyle and the belief system adhered to by the parochial school. . . . Ms. Jones and Mr. Jones display little insight into the confusion these divergent belief systems will have upon (the boy) as he ages," the bureau said in its report.

So, what is really important isn't the religion of the parents, but the religion of the school the kid goes to. The parents have to exclude their child from their faith to prevent confusion. Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall.

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