Monday, May 23, 2005

Evening news you can lose. I mean use.

If it bleeds, it leads. And Santorum is a bloody bastard, so lets get started.

Whenever someone says that gay marriage will ruin marriage for the straights, I always ask them if they would leave their husband or wife if they could get together with someone of their own sex. I have always gotten an astonished NO! Santorum, however, says that his marriage would be in danger if gays could marry. Hmmm. You don't think he could be? Naah. An anti-gay gay Republican? Not in a million years. More from Wonkette.

The US may be relying on a terrorist group with cultish tendencies for Iran intel. Can anybody say "Curveball?"

Republicans are trying to figure out if the filibuster is worth it.

A compromise may have been reached over the filibuster. This means one of two things. One, the real Republicans are taking their party back from the Theocrats. Two, the Fristians (followers of Senator Jesus Frist) saw the writing on the wall.

In the human interest section, the story that just keeps giving, the guy that killed and skinned his mother in Vlaardingen, Holland is making the rounds again. Apparently he went into town to direct traffic while quoting from the Bible. Nothing says safe roads like a man comfortable in his own skin. Sorry, I love puns.

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