Monday, May 16, 2005

Disrespect to Qu'ran

Newsweek has no guts. Associated with some part of MSNBC (so you know that they would never carry water for BushCo.), Newsweek has said that some part of it's story about desecration of the Qu'ran was not correct. They did not retract the story! They do not state what part of the story was/or might have been wrong. Apparently, the document that details this abuse of a book of law is in question, not that it happened.


Newsweek has oddly chosen to retract it's story on Qu'ran defilement. DailyKos has some good comments on this. Juan Cole has a history on the charge that the Islamic book of law was thrown in toilets and torn up. Also, the Taliban was already doing what the confederacy failed to do, rise again, before Newsweek published the story in question. Anyone think that the US government had a hand in this? Does anyone doubt that this happened? The evidence is that it did, on multiple occasions. The worst part is that the military may not be responsible for this. Corporations such as Titan and CACI have been responsible for some of the abuse of alleged insurgents. They get rich from torture, provide information that is unreliable and the only ones to pay the price are some poorly paid kids and weekend warriors.

End Update

The problem is, as I'm sure you know, is that this story is not new. In fact it has been reported repeatedly, by multiple sources. But Newsweek saying that it may have some part of the story wrong doesn't convince the "Arab street." A group of Afghani clerics has asked for the individuals responsible for the defacement of the Muslim holy book to be handed over to a Muslim nation for trial. This offense carries the death penalty. The problem with this demand is the same as Christian Fundamentalists trying to make the US a theocracy. Demanding that adherents of another religion/sect/denomination submit to your religion/sect/denomination's laws is wrong, and antithetical to the advancement of a culture of rights and laws. That is why the 1st amendment is the 1st on the list.

Disrespecting a holy book of law is never acceptable.

I'm sure that the question some would ask is if doing this saved the lives of Americans, would it be OK with me?

No. Because doing it has ensured that more Americans will die. Our actions do not occur in a vacuum. This makes our soldiers even more of a target in the Muslim world. This is a recruiting tool for Qaeda. Doing this only tells Muslims that Americans are in league with the devil, and jihad in their eyes becomes just.

We need to do better than this. Our soldiers deserve to not be put unnecessarily in harm's way by military intelligence and the CIA. Bin Ladin must be laughing.

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