Monday, May 23, 2005

Cloning and Geno-Luddites

As you know, the US is being left behind in the field of therapeutic cloning. There is tremendous potential for medicine coming from this new science.

My personal opinion as a scientist: It is also not outside of the realm of possibility that once all the Histocompatibility complexes (major and minor (these are the cell proteins that determine if a person is compatible with implanted organ)) are replicated in stem cell lines, there will cease to be a need for more embryos to be used in the cloning process. Except for maintenance of cell lines, of course, and special procedures (whatever those might be...)

Most Americans are in favor of embryonic stem cell research. At least that's what the poll that some Republicans commissioned determined. Biggest problem with the poll was that it was a national poll, and not every republican knew about it. The ones that didn't (and would have either said don't do it, or make it a push poll if they had their way) are in the process of throwing a fit.

These are the same schmucks that want their (minority) beliefs to trump your life threatening disease. Don't believe in abortion? Don't have one. Or lie about having one... Don't like gay marriage? Then stick to the opposite sex. Don't want stem cell therapy? Don't get it.

What if 60 years ago, the Christian Scientists got control of the legislature and cut all funds for research into antibiotics. Since they believe that prayer is how diseases should be treated, the US wouldn't have antibiotics. We wouldn't have the genetics that came from the study of antibiotics, or damn near any of our modern medical science. All because they believe that faith healing is the only way to go. The Christo-Geno-Luddites want to keep modern medical science where it is. No advances, no therapies. But you can bet that they will be going to South Korea for "tourism." Not a one with Parkinsons, miraculous recoveries from spinal injuries, no juvenile diabetes... And they'll use your donations to go there. For mission work, of course.

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