Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Christians against Bush

AmericaBlog mentions a story how some of the faculty of a small Christian College are taking out an add in protest of Bush coming to speak at their graduation. He then links to the story in (gasp) the Washington Times.
"As Christians, we are called to be peacemakers and to initiate war only as a last resort," the ad will say. "We believe your administration has launched an unjust and unjustified war in Iraq."
The 130 signatories, which include 20 staff members, work at Calvin College. Founded in 1876 as a school for pastors of the Christian Reformed Church, it now is one of the nation's flagship schools for a Christian liberal-arts education.
"No single political position should be identified with God's will," says the ad, which also chastises the president for "actions that favor the wealthy of our society and burden the poor."
Christians are to be characterized by love and gentleness, it adds, but "we believe that your administration has fostered intolerance and divisiveness and has often failed to listen to those with whom it disagrees."
Moreover, says the letter, set to run in the Grand Rapids Press, the Bush administration's environmental policies "have harmed creation," and it asks the president "to re-examine your policies in light of our God-given duty to pursue justice with mercy."
"Some think we should be honored to have the president here," religion professor David Crump said. "We're excited by the opportunity to show people that evangelical Christianity is represented by a much broader spectrum of opinion than is depicted by the religious right and the media."
Of course, the far right, and it's pretty boy Hannity, just couldn't deal with this. From Newshounds,
Hannity entered in attack mode going after Jelk for a past protest of Renquist."Were you part of an effort to accuse him of being a racist?" Jelk calmly told Hannity that he thought some of Renquist's early decision reflected some racial bias.

Then Hannity let loose raving that if both of them had their way Saddam's torture and rape rooms would still be there and dead babies would be lying in the streets. Accusing them of appeasing evil, he shouted them down refusing them any opportunity to respond. Of course, the environment was ignored because even Hannity has no defense for Bush on that issue.

The religious right is only interested in it's own narrow interpretation of Christianity. A co-worker once said he didn't think I was a Christian, that he wasn't sure what I was. One of my brothers doesn't understand that you can be a liberal and a Christian. Hannity is offended as though he was confronted with high Heresy.

From my point of view, the "religious right" prefers the law to the love, more a pharisee than a disciple. In his day, and in this day, Jesus was a liberal, calling for change, compassion, forgiveness and tolerance. The Apostles extended Jesus's message to the pagan Roman Empire, spreading through non-violence instead of conquest. They portrayed a loving God, who respected morals, forgave sin, and worked through flawed people instead of self-righteous greed-mongers. He called for people to help the poor, the sick, the outcast and the prisoner. The religious right calls for an end to welfare, medicaid, embrace racism and homophobia, and demand severe penalties and capitol punishment. This is why I am proud to be a member of the Religious Left.

Of course, the Constitution declares that people can believe as they see fit. The religious right has a right to be hypocrite. They have the right to call for oppression. They have the right to seek to be heard. They do not have the right to declare law. They do not have the right to oppress. They do not have the right to demand that everyone agree with them.

I have always said that I preferred to be a Heretic than Blasphemer. One is declared by men. The other is only determined by God.

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