Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Business deals with Iran

Over lunch, I read a piece in the local paper (Lexington Herald-Leader) about Clark Material Handling Corporation being indicted for selling forklift parts to Iran. Clark is at least partly located in Lexington. The company that received the parts manufactures forklifts that can be used for transporting military equipment.

From the bureau of Industry and Security, US Department of Commerce. Does she mean that Halliburton will be investigated? Could Cheney be in court for something more important than a real estate deal that lost money?

“Today's case illustrates the Commerce Department's commitment to bring to justice those who would trade with Iran or other sanctioned countries in violation of U.S. law and regulation," said Wendy L. Wysong, Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Enforcement.

Apparently, shipments were routed through other countries that do not have embargoes against Iran. Clark's big mistake seems to be that it operates from US shores, and did not perform these actions through a satellite company, even if the satellite exists only to circumvent the embargo. They could have learned from Halliburton. Dick Cheney's former company has done business with this "Axis of Evil" country, and continues to do so. In the past Cheney has attacked the sanctions of Iran when they got in between him and the almighty dollar. To be fair, Halliburton has announced that once these contracts are finished, they will quit doing business with Iran. Of course, this will change if Bush invades Iran this summer.

Halliburton has a long history of doing business with nations that support terrorists. Henry Waxman wrote a letter to the DOD about this. I highly suggest reading this letter. It is well worth your time. The links within the letter provide all the ammo you need for watercooler discussions with freepers.

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