Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baseball without umpires

Did you ever play baseball when you were a kid? Ever not have enough people? Did you have "Ghost Runners?" Did you ever have someone claim they had been safe when you thought they were out? Of course you did. Did you ever see someone on one team or another bully the other side into agreeing on a play? Sure you did. Maybe you were the bully? Maybe not. But you know it happened.

This is what is happening right now in the Senate. The kids playing don't have an umpire right now. They have chosen to ignore the parliamentarian's judgment that the "nuclear option" is against the rules of the senate. Lets call one team the Banana Republicans, the other will be the Donkey Democrats. The Banana Republicans got to home base after the ball got to the catcher. They are out. First they argued with the other team that they scored a run. The Donkey Democrats didn't budge. The Banana Republicans are now trying to bully the Donkey Democrats. It isn't working. As the minority, the democrats hold the ball. They can choose to not play the game if the Banana Republicans try to change the rules in the middle of the game. If they have to, they can take the ball home, and shut down senate business. Fighting back is the best way to deal with schoolyard bullies like this. I'm glad the Donkey Democrats are finally learning this.


Jami at Hillary Now has a review of the day's events.

John at AmericaBlog has comments about Frist talking about assassinating judges. This struck me as insane while I was watching the hearings, but figured this was an attempt to make it look like the Dems were the ones hostile to judges.

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