Thursday, May 12, 2005

Air Force Academy now hiring. Christians only.

The instructor that blew the whistle on the Air Force Academy's bias against non-Christians has been fired. The American Street has the link to the story. According to Street, she predicted that she would be fired for this. Oh, did I mention she was a Lutheran Minister? A woman soldier and minister? I'm surprised she lasted this long.

I'd comment on the story, but it speaks for itself.

"Team Jesus Christ." Sounds like someone needs his money changing table turned over.

My favorite quotes from the article are by a real wingnut.

Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, said Lynn's group is on a "witch hunt here. They will not rest until religion is eradicated from that campus."

Minnery said the academy's most recognizable building, its multispired Cadet Chapel, "is not there by accident. These cadets are being trained to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, to meet their maker."

No, they just don't want some jerk making personal attacks on a fellow cadet based on their religion. They should be training these cadets to better soldiers, not blood sacrifices.

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